2016, explanation video


2010-13, a wild mix of everything. I started properly filmmaking and documenting my life on social media. I started my own business in 2010, did internships at worldwide known companies such as “Flatlight Films” in Finland. Attended video contests, did my first music videos for artists like “Timothy Auld”. Got to shoot the making off for “Schneestern” at the extreme sports event “Nine Knights” and got invited to film at the “X Games” in Munich. All this next to finishing “Middle school” and “College of Further Education” in late 2013.

2014, I spent almost the entire year at the video department at ‘The Distillery’, an agency, based in Innsbruck, Austria. First time living away from home, I had the chance to learn from Europe’s most formative photographers and film-makers from all over the continent. Everything during that time has been focused around extreme sports Ski- and Snowboard shootings for several brands around Europe.

2015, I’ve spent the year working around the globe with Swedish ski superstar Jon Olsson & professional blogger Janni Deler producing their complete photos and videos for social media promotion. Alongside this I worked as director, DoP, editor and colorist in both the fashion and lifestyle industry. During these projects I worked in all production stages from the concept phase through filming, editing, color correction, grading, audio correction and mastering right up to distribution through several social media platforms.  I’ve been in charge of producing short video clips for Nelly.com (Scandinavia’s largest online fashion store) throughout the last year for their social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as creating TV advertisements. During those productions I was working closely together with Scandinavia’s biggest fashion and lifestyle bloggers such as Kenza Zouiten, Janni Delér, Lisa Olsson, Annette Haga, Josefin Dahlberg, and many others! I shot the car rally Gumball 3000 for Team Betsafe, produced daily video updates for several international events like “Nine Knights Ski/Mountainbike“ or “Jon Olsson Invitational“.

2016, the year where traveling got to an entirely new level. Started off early with several shooting trips to the alps, joined on a kind of last minute trip to Japan for The Ski Week, moved offices and created my first ever “Booklet”. From traveling all over Germany to Norway to France to Sweden to Austria to a bunch of trips for The Yacht Week. A year filled with a ton of travels, tons of learnings and a final trip to Cape Town.

2017, I’ve had a massive line up for 8 months in advance. Early in the year during my project for The Ski Week I injured my knee, and with that had to change all my plans for the year. Three months of non stop rehab. Every day wakeup at 05. Morning gym to train my leg. Work. 10pm, bed. Literally focused 100% on my health. To keep going and progressing whilst all that, I’ve moved to London to work at The Yacht Week’s offices. Months of progressing my editing skills, language and shooting habits.

2018, I’ve spent a lot of time following around the “2016 F1 World Champion” Nico Rosberg. During that time I’ve been responsible for taking care of the entire photo and video production for social media. At events like “Formula 1”, “Bambi Awards” and many more with Nico I got the experience to work pretty much everywhere, move fast and adapt on the fly. Rethinking and developing proper workflows opened up a completely new world.

“The difference is my dreams for the future and plans for tomorrow are one and the same“

– Sepp Morrison