How I Work Different


I’m not a 20 person production team. I’m a 1 man show. Ok ok, sometimes I got my assistant with me. I do film, drone, and even photo. Usually all at the same time. There’s only one person to talk to. From start to finish. All of what I’m doing is optimized to it’s finest details. To make sure you get the most out of your shooting day. For your business and your social media, all within one go. Professional workflows. (super) Quick turnarounds. That’s basically it.

Example 01

Production Focus: Video

Deliveries in total:
4 Event Videos (Videoblogs)
1 Campaign Video
4 Bumper Ads
11 Cut Downs (for social)

Timing wise / Turnaround:
Shooting – All Saturday, till late night.
Editing – First delivery ready for upload, Sunday Lunch. Entire delivery concluded by Tuesday evening.

20 videos shot and edited within four days. Assistant with me on location.

NELLY Campaign

Find more: Videoblogs / etc.

Nico Rosberg F1

Find more: Videoblogs / etc.

Example 02

Production focus: Video & Photo / Social Media Coverage

Deliveries in total:
2 Event Videos (Videoblogs)
6 Cut Downs (promotion)
50+ pictures

Timing wise / Turnaround:
Shooting – Saturday and Sunday
Editing – Usually overnight – ready to upload the next morning.

2 videos + socials, shot and edited within three days. Picture delivery asap. Turnaround usually less than 2-3hrs.