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My name is Josef Schilcher, better known as “Sepp Morrison”, and I am a Digital Content Creator from Munich, Germany. Specialiced in producing authentic content for some of the world’s leading brands.


What I do, in 60 seconds. This is it. This is my Showreel 2018. New direction. Clear vision. Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for joining me on this journey. Onto the next one.
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I want to create an environment where fear and failure is nothing more than rest stops on the road to success. I want to be known as someone who’s taking action, no matter what. My mission is to inspire young professionals to give it a try.



To me this is up to daily decisions in life - either I do it, or I don’t. In it to win it. But nothing else. A mindset that has to be developed. Innumerous hours of establishing routines, undistracted workplaces and generating the interest to take action go into this.

Efficient & simplicity

This starts with the basics. My desk is covered with only the barest of essentials and is set up that way because my workflow is simplified with less of what I consider "clutter." Lets me take action, communicate and deliver on time on a daily basis.

Striving for perfection

Perfectionism takes time, money, and resources. And I believe it makes your product better than others. If you want to be the best at anything, you need to be the best at practice. Trying my best every day, without killing my creativity. That’s what I aim for.

Discipline & organisation

Continually optimizing habits, schedules and routines allow me to get into the “flow.” This mode enables me every day to take action in every way, communicate quickly and deliver projects on schedule.
“Josef has shown an excellent self-initiative and interest in the duties he has performed. Josef is easy to work with and we recommend him whole heartedly to any projects involving audio visual aspects.” – Flatlight Films
„Josef is a self-starter with a real eye for perfection. He is polite and hard working, we pulled some long shifts and Josef was always understanding that this is often what comes with the life of a filmer. However, he stayed focused on the end goal of creating beautiful images with which we can successfully market people and products.“ – The Distillery
“What caught my eye was the artistic view that he has, the way he works with the light, the fact that his stuff is color graded.“ – Jon Olsson
"Josef's work out here was incredible! He’s been so proactive and it's just so fascinating to see him capture such amazing footage. He nailed it!" - The Yacht Week
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